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’m a former fire-spinning dance instructor, science teacher, barista, Spider-Man fan, and a martial arts hobbyist- turned photographic artist.


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I'm so incredibly passionate about people, connection, and creativity. AeroPress is my daily coffee brewing method. My guilty pleasure movie is The Secret Life of Walter Mitty . SQ1 is one of my favorite coffee shops (currently) in Lancaster. My playlists fluctuate between the vibes of Qveen Herby, Towr's , and AURORA. I'm on a huge chocolate kick, mostly consisting of Tony's Chocolonely.

I can't wait to meet the amazing creatives, entrepreneurs, and couples that call Pennsylvania home.

"...He’s creative and so energetic. Excellent at making you feel comfortable. Skilled at capturing the perfect moment,"

"Micah Nelson creates beautiful photography."

A snapshot into my life

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S'mores with Kit, hikes with Kit, movie nights with Kit... life with Kit. Kit is my amazing and inspiring spouse. They're literally amazing and I'm low-key enamored.

They plan to get back to rugby this Fall and I'm so stoked.

Camping in Tennessee


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Before it was from behind a lens, my love for creating while connecting with people was initially found in a cup.  My last year of high school, I walked into a coffee shop/roaster and asked for an internship, and I walked out with a job. A job I loved for years to come.

My time as a barista married my passion for listening and connecting to a form of making/artistry; a combination I thought I'd only find in the world of coffee. But then came photography...

un petit café dans le Tennessee


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to me, to my family, to clients, and to strangers. Photography can allow us to see people, situations, and even ourselves differently.  Or it can be an act of rebellion to the passing of time, capturing the essence of a moment for those whom the moment matters most.

This is why I do what I do, and I'm honored to do it.
If you'd like to know a bit more about the story behind this portrait, check out this link.

My Papaw, a lifetime mechanic, Sitting in his garage

Making photography that matters...

My Favorite Things

 We were so stressed with the day's events and he kept us calm! He made taking pictures so fun and easy. He also made sure we had a photo schedule, that way there were no hiccups and everyone knew when they needed to take photos.

Micah has by far the best communication skills I have seen in a while! He made sure to stay in contact before, during, and after. He was so patient with my busy schedule and made it easy to respond to. I highly recommend him!

Zoo Knoxville, TN, USA

Felicity & Josh

Micah took time to ask what was important to us as a couple, and captured the silly and tender interactions between my husband and I. I will forever treasure the photos taken.

Heather and Steven

Micah is AMAZING!! He did a fantastic job on our engagement photos and I can't wait to see what he does with our wedding photos next month!! He is great to work with. Very easy going and explains everything! Recommended highly!

(Micah's Note: I did photograph their wedding, and it was wonderful ☺️)

Smokey mountains, tn

Mary Beth and Trisha

I can’t say enough fantastic things about Micah! ... We were relaxed and comfortable the whole time and OHMYGOODNESS the pictures are absolutely wonderful!

Norris Dam, TN, USA

Jamie & Brady


You Deserve the best

I'm excited to meet you, and to help you create art to love for a lifetime!
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