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The iconic small chapel at the Chapel in the Hollow wedding venue in the fall

Chapel in the Hollow is a little gem of a wedding venue tucked away in the Gatlinburg mountains. This particular venue best suits for elopements to micro-weddings, meaning under 35 guests. It’s easy to decorate, and the staff have it down to a science. The “chapel” is a small structure is a small structure with about enough room in the back to have two people inside for getting ready, though most couples arrive already dressed. Each season presents a different kind of beauty found in the Gatlinburg mountains. The wedding I personally photographed there was in mid/late November, which lent itself wonderfully to the spooky theme. I recommend checking out their website to see images from summer/spring as well (the link is further in the blog).

Here are a few reasons you might consider Chapel in Hollow:

Flexible Aesthetic

Have white florals in the spring for a joyous forest wedding. Or maybe black candles in the late fall for spooky season. Chapel in the Hollow can be dressed up or down and can accommodate elegance, enchantment, or anything in between. If you’re also looking for someone to help bring your dream to life, check this wedding planner.

Privacy is important

Chapel in the Hollow is found away from the hustle and bustle of Gatlinburg proper. You won’t need to worry about “elbow room” in the crowded cabin rental areas, and the drive out means little to no traffic sounds disturbing your I-do’s. You trade some of the “high-rise” mountain views for having what feels like your own corner of woods.

Can be super speedy (if you want it to be)

The staff at Chapel in the Hollow have it down to a science. Just need something quick, easy, and beautiful? They got your back. Of course you can always book a longer time frame if that’s what you’d like!

Photo variety

Chapel in the Hollow hosts many photo-op spots on location. And for their signature field spot, they provide a shuttle there and back. Many of their favorite spots have names. You can check them out here! As a photographer I can tell if you’re looking for that authentic “mountain woods” feel, then Chapel in the Hollow is full of possibilities. Check out their website for up to date booking information!

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