Ijams Nature Center Wedding

Couple kissing in the isle at their Ijams nature center wedding

So you’re thinking of having an Ijams Nature center wedding? Amazing! First thing to note is there are different locations at Ijams where you can have your wedding depending on guest count/preference. This particular blog is centered on weddings rather than elopements, so it’ll be focusing on Ijams Nature Center’s main wedding spaces.

Let’s get into it!

How to build your wedding package

  1. Decide where you want to have your reception
  2. Decide where you want your ceremony

The reason to go in this order is because you only have 1 main option: The Homesite! You can technically At the Homesite, you can choose the homesite lawn, tent pad area, pavilion, or the terrace gardens. The staff can help you choose the best spot to fit both the mood you want and accommodate your guest count.

Reception Options for Ijams Nature Center Weddings:

  1. Somewhere else (offsite)
    • Go to “wedding ceremony package” in their guide for pricing/details for ceremony only.
  2. At the visitor center
    • Can hold up to 35 guests, not recommended for larger weddings. Includes sound system, seating needs, and eco-friendly dinnerware.
  3. At the Homesite (white tent reception)
    • This is definitely my recommendation for onsite options.
White tent setup at the Homesite for Ijams Nature Center weddings

Micro Weddings

Your Ijams Nature Center Wedding is considered a micro wedding if you have 40 guests or under and only require 4 hours, which includes setup, ceremony, reception, and cleanup. Their micro wedding package does include 40 chairs, 6 tables, and eco-friendly dinnerware. Smaller Ijam Nature Center weddings (35 guests and below) also have the option to book the visitor center for their ceremony. If you want the most that Ijams has to offer, I would still recommend the Homesite.

Next steps…

From here, go ahead and check out Ijams’ wedding website at download their PDF guide, which is where you’ll find all the pricing info. And if you want to check out a small highlight gallery, check out my weddings page! April-October is their highest demand season, so if you want your wedding during that time check it out sooner than later!

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