Your Cove Lake State Park Wedding | 5 things to know

Bride and groom embrace on the doc for their Cove Lake State Park Wedding

I’m so glad you’re considering Cove Lake State Park for your wedding! In this blog, I want to help make the decision easier for you. Here are a few things you should note about Cove Lake State Park Weddings!

1) The you lose sunlight a little sooner than you’d think

The beautiful spot has the sun in what I like to call a bowl. The sun sets behind the mountains across the lake, which casts a shadow over most of the park. Depending on the season, you can expect to lose most of your light about 1 hour prior to official “sunset” time. Make sure to communicate with your planner and photographer about this!

2) No Golf carts or the like are allowed

There are a lot of cool photo spots in the park, but you’ll need to keep things close by for photo ops and decor! If your ceremony takes place outside, and you have a loved one with accessibility difficulties, this may not be the spot for you. Double check with the park staff for possible accommodations

3) Depending on the season, goose poop is a thing

If your Cove Lake State Park wedding is happening late spring to summer, you may want to avoid a dress with a long train.

4) Hampton Inn has the views

If you’re looking for a lodging option only minutes away overlooking the park, then you should check out the Hampton Inn. Come the day before and soak up the sights before your wedding.

Groom being tackled by the wedding party before his Cove Lake State Park wedding
Groom getting a thorough tackling before his Cove Lake State Park Wedding

5) Book sooner rather than later!

Spaces can fill up quickly, so go check out the State Park Page for current pricing and contact information

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