R. Smith’s Boudoir Session

Woman lies on a green painted canvas during a boudoir photography session

R wanted to do something a bit different for her first ever boudoir photography session. She is an artist by trade and by passion, and she wanted to incorporate that side of herself by painting her own backdrop! We did a two-outfit session. One was bridal, and the other an emerald set to compliment her painting. Vibrant, creative, and deep thinking; R embodies these traits flawlessly, and I wanted to capture them photographically for her.

Black and white image of woman in bridal lingerie by a window
Woman in a mirror removing a lingerie strap in her boudoir photography session
White bridal lingerie being worn by a woman during her boudoir photography session
Woman stretches by a window in bridal lingerie boudoir photography

Woman posing in front of painted canvas in green lingerie and wearing a gold bracelet for a boudoir photography session
Woman adjusts strap on her green lingerie in her boudoir session
Woman posing on a painted canvas in green lingerie for boudoir photography session
Woman on her knees with a paintbrush in a boudoir photography session

In R ‘s own words:

“My boudoir photoshoot experience was 100/10!

I had never done a boudoir photoshoot before, so I really wasn’t sure what to expect and was a bit nervous. But I’ve never met a photographer that works as hard as Micah does to make his clients feel comfortable and confident. I thought it was really cool that he created a Get-to-Know you quiz about a month before the shoot, and he remembered the details that I mentioned in that document. He even remembered the snacks/drink I prefer and brought those to our session! So on the day of the photoshoot it just felt like hanging out with a friend, and I wasn’t nervous at all once we got started! 

I had A LOT of hopes and dreams for this photoshoot, but that didn’t bother Micah at all! He gave creative freedom to me so I could pour my own ideas into the photoshoot, but he also offered his professional advice/modeling tips so I felt prepared. Micah does a great job with posing people so they look natural and beautiful, so if you’re worried about not knowing how to pose Micah will take care of that! 

And of course, the photos themselves are amazing. Micah really is an artist with the camera. And I am so impressed with his editing style. The colors are rich and life-like and his compositions are thoughtfully planned. He also captures a wide range of moments so that some photos feel candid and cute, while others are super dramatic and sexy. I’ve literally never felt so confident in front of a camera before. If you’ve been wanting to do a boudoir photoshoot, Micah is the photographer for you!”

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