Top 9 Unique Knoxville Wedding Venues

Wedding dress hangs from a tree at a Knoxville wedding venue

Knoxville Tennessee is a wonderful place to find your wedding venue! The blog is designed to give you a quick snippet about some of my favorite Knoxville wedding venues. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but it’s packed full of places that offer something special for your big day! Just in case you’re in a hurry, here’s the list without any particular order:

  • Ijams Nature Center
  • The Quarry Venue
  • Zoo Knoxville
  • Maple Grove Estate
  • Ancient Lore Village
  • Sunsphere Events
  • The Vault
  • The Press Room
  • The Stables at Strawberry Creek

Ijams Nature Center

natural, variety, woodland fairytale

Just across the river from downtown proper, Ijams nature center has 318 acres of protected land and offers brides and grooms with an assortment of stunning options for Knoxville wedding venue. Whether you’re planning a Knoxville elopement or a more traditional ceremony and reception, the venues and staff are sure to delight.

Bonus: When you support Ijams, you support conservation efforts and education programs that foster love and curiosity for the natural world. Now go hug a tree. No, seriously. Don’t worry, they’re all bark and no bite

The Quarry Venue

oasis, versatile, dreamy

Drive about 15 minutes from Turkey Creek, and you can end up in a world of natural beauty tucked away in a family owned venue forged from the remains of an old marble mine. The beautiful outdoor space is complemented with an event hall crafted from steel and wood, tying together industrial vibes and natural beauty. Rain or shine, the West Knoxville venue ticks all the boxes. Nothing short of marble-ous.

Bonus: Being so close to everything gives plenty of options for lodging and dining for the days leading up to your wedding day.

Bride and groom hold hands in front of a carousel at a Knoxville wedding venue
The carousel is just one of the amazing photo spots at Zoo Knoxville!

Zoo Knoxville

fun, joy, play

It’s Zoo Knoxville, people! They have a variety of animal encounters to choose from, and you can’t go wrong. Zoo Knoxville’s enclosures and landscaping create a simultaneously elegant and playful wedding venue. You and your guests can ride the carousel, feed flocks in the aviary, and dine amongst tigers all in one night. Honestly, I’m not lion!

Bonus: From personal experience, their staff are very kind and helpful. They run a tight ship while helping maintain a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Maple Grove Estate

elegance, class, charm

This wedding venue off Westland Drive in Knoxville is the epitome of southern elegance. With its mix of Georgian and Federal style architecture, and 15 acres of beautifully maintained land, Maple Grove Estate will make you feel like Tennessee royalty. If a glass of sweet tea could wear lace or a three piece suit, that’s this venue. 

Bonus: They provide access to the grounds for an engagement photography session. If you’re nervous about being in front of the camera, this is a fun way to work out those jitters!

Sunsphere Events

iconic, unreal, unique

You found the one that makes you feel like you’re on the top of the world. I meant your fiance. But you’re not wrong, this iconic Knoxville gem will make you feel that way too! The immediate downtown area is also a great place for photos. If you’re a big UT fan, proud Knox native, or just wanting something different and unique, look to the Sunsphere*!

*not to be confused with the sun. Don’t look directly at the sun.

Bonus: Speaking of being a UT fan, I hear they include orange and white tablecloths with one of their booking options…

Ancient Lore Village

whimsy, cheerful, kind

You don’t need to travel across elvish seas to have a magical wedding venue experience. Knoxville is home to Ancient Lore Village, a hobbity, homie wedding venue full of lush gardens and architectural design that will make you want to stay for elevensies. Speaking of, they have magical lodging options which includes one that’s ADA-compliant! Nothing is more magical than having something accessible for a wheelchair-wielding loved one.

Bonus: If your parents are arranging your marriage, and you’re considering turning one of them into a bear, offer to compete for your own hand via archery or ax throwing at this venue! Or you know, just add it on for fun.

Bride and groom laugh at each other while sitting on rocks at an outdoor Knoxville wedding venue

The Vault

swanky, classy, underground (literally)

The Vault isn’t primarily a wedding venue in Knoxville, but rather a cocktail lounge that feels like the very best of high life in the 1930’s. It’s located in the vault of the former Holston Bank in downtown Knoxville. Need I say more? Reserve a spot for a date night and give it a whirl. (Note: this would be best for small wedding celebrations and not large events.)

Bonus: You could put a secret knock on your wedding invitations for them to get in.

The Press Room

Rustic, modern, glow

Dreamy string lights meet dark wood and exposed brick in this North Knoxville wedding venue. With in-house catering available and setup and teardown included, The Press Room makes a beautiful wedding feel effortless. Im-press-ive, yes?


Can house up to 600 guests!

Stables at Strawberry Creek

quaint, earthy, quiet

The Knoxville wedding venue offers onsite lodging in a historic cabin, not to mention horse boarding. If you’re a trail rider, or overall horse-lover, this might be the venue for you. If you’re uneasy about what the neigh sayers are going to think, this will keep them stable.

Bonus: You can book the onsite cabin for a longer stay for a peaceful honeymoon.

And that’s my list! I wish you the best of luck with choosing your Knoxville wedding venue. I know venue and vendor selection can be a stressful part of the wedding planning process. (Maybe you need someone to help plan it?) As you’re planning, remember: This is your day. Have it where you want and how you want.

If you’ve somehow read this entire post without suffering from pun over exposure, I might just be the photographer for you 😉

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